Peaches and Wildflowers

So with the absence of a camera and computer, I haven't really had much to post lately or a way to do it. But here is a snapshot of my latest ventures in Hepburn on my vacation. I love the simplistic beauty of wildflowers, so one warm day, I took to the fields and helped myself to these lovely beauties. And the gem of the bunch? The one wild rose I found!

And lately, I've been yearning to learn the art of the preserve. So today, my mother took on the task of teaching me by canning peaches! So fun and so delicious!

I am now ready to see what other goodies I can can up for the winter!

Ode to Blueberries

This is my ode to blueberries. It doesn't come in word form. It only comes in the form of a picture. But these lovely little fruits have been taking over my every meal, snack, and dessert lately. I can't stop eating them. They are SO good! And since they are also taking over my refrigerator, I think I will make something with them and this may be making it's place in my belly later on...

Blueberry Cobbler (from Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog)

-5 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries
-2/3 cup sugar
-3 tbsp corn starch
Place all ingredients in a microwaveable bowl. Heat for 3 minutes stirring once half way through. You just want to get them hot, but not bubbling. Pour hot berries into a 8" square pan or deep dish pie plate.

Biscuit topping:
-1 cup flour
-1/3 cup sugar
-2 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp salt
-3 tbsp butter
-1/2 cup buttermilk (you can use regular milk)
Measure dry ingredients into bowl. Cut in cold butter until crumbly. Add milk all at once and mix with a fork until moistened. Drop by spoonfuls over hot berries. Bake at 425º for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy.

Time Stealers

Things that seem to have been stealing my time lately:

1. First of all the Spring Concert held last Saturday- took up most of my time last week, but I made it through and it went well! We performed Fiddler on the Roof songs among others and look! I'm on the poster! No, I'm not the one playing violin or singing the solo, but I'm standing behind the soloist on the left! I'm almost famous! ha!

2. I seem to be doing more cooking and baking lately to keep Rebecca fed up and happy! Here are some cookies that I made that seemed to be a big hit with her from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Delish!

3. Tapioca Pudding. Ok, this didn't take much time at all because I gobbled it down, but yum! A fantastic treat!

4. Although, this picture makes me feel like singing in the rain, I'm not sure I actually would. It has been raining all week and it's been cold and miserable. On the bright side, though, everything is looking a whole lot greener and prettier...I just wish it would warm up a little.

5. Because of all the cold weather and rain, I have turned to crocheting my time away from my new magazine- Crochet Today! It is a fantastic magazine and I have found quite a few patterns I would like to try in this issue. So I am making a little baby sweater- for which baby? I do not know, but it is sure fun to make!
Well, now I am off to bed, because I am writing this late because my time is being eaten up by so many of these things that I haven't been able to post. Goodnight!

Summer Lovin'

To you, it may seem as though I have forgotten all about this blog, but I know that I have not! Thoughts of posting something have been in my head for days, but I have been incredibly busy and will probably be quite busy for a while yet and I also was not quite sure what to post! But here I am and all I can really say is, what beautiful weather outside- I want to spend all my time out there. And I am almost done classes! Only 2 left! I am very excited to be done. It's time to do art on my own, and not be forced to draw something such as a fake flower or ugly skull! Unfortunately I do not have any of my own pictures to post, but I will try to leave you with some imagery:

I am in the midst of making these Granny Square Slippers from The Pearl Bee. I am going to make a whole bunch of different sizes, stick them in a basket by the fireplace, and then when guest's feet are chilly, they can grab a pair and have toasty toes!

And this photograph has everything I want right now: A spiral staircase exactly like it, and a place to store my art! Wow, this is so beautiful. I can just imagine my studio being at the top of those stairs! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where I found this picture, but it is the nicest thing I've seen all week!

Easter Tree

In the last post, I did make it seem like I was taking pictures to go with the story, but in fact, I was not! We were actually going to the "forest" to cut down branches of pussy willows for an Easter tree. This seems to be a tradition of ours every year and we have some pretty darn cute decorations to adorn the branches with! Here are some pictures- they just liven up the bareness don't they?

Poor Wilfred seems to missing an ear...
If only Melinda could find her voice box, she could have a pretty song to sing!

I love the traditions we have at Easter, and this year it was no different! Easter tree, Paska, decorating eggs, and the traditional easter egg hunt in which the hiding places are the same every year, but somehow I get all the hard ones because my one sister rushes through as fast as she can to nab all the easy ones...that will never change I don't think. And of course, the most important part of it- Jesus' resurrection! This year, I seemed to empathize a whole lot more, and I think it's because I have understood a bit more of God's heart this year. I was reading a chapter in the book Sex God by Rob Bell in which he talks about when you give an invitation to someone to open their heart to yours, there is the possibility of rejection. And that type of rejection is one of the deepest aches a human soul can have. Anyone who has experienced a heart broken by a loved one will know this. But what I have never connected this with before is the fact that God has extended an invitation to all of us to open our hearts to his (that I knew), but when we reject that invitation, God's heart feels that same ache (that I didn't know!). And this understanding made me understand his love for us on the cross! Here's an excerpt from the book:
"Love is handing your heart to someone and taking the risk that they will hand it back because they don't want it. That's why it's such a crushing ache on the inside. We gave away a part of ourselves and it wasn't wanted. Love is a giving away of power. When we love, we give the other person the power in the relationship... Love is a giving away...Love is giving up control."
Really, I suggest reading the whole chapter because I sure can't summarize all that is said in a short post! The whole book is really enlightening as well- I've read it before, but reading it again has got me thinking all over again!

Trees, Awake!

Lucy's eyes began to grow accustomed to the light, and she saw the trees that were nearest her more distinctly...
... A great longing for the old days when the trees could talk in Narnia came over her. She knew exactly how each of these trees would talk if only she could wake them, and what sort of human form it would put on...

...She looked at a silver birch: it would have a soft showery voice and would look like a slender girl, with hair blown all about her face, and fond of dancing...
...She looked at the oak: he would be a wizened, but hearty old man with a frizzled beard and warts on his face and hands, and hair growing out of the warts...
...She looked at the beech under which she was standing. Ah!- she would be the best of all. She would be a gracious goddess, smooth and stately, the lady of the wood...
...'Oh, Trees, Trees, Trees,' said Lucy (though she had not been intending to speak at all). 'Oh, Trees, wake, wake, wake! Don't you remember it? Don't you remember me? Dryads and Hamadryads, come out, come to me.'...
Though there was not a breath of wind they all stirred about her. The rustling noise of the leaves was almost like words. The nightingale stopped singing as if to listen to it. Lucy felt that at any moment she would begin to understand what the trees were trying to say...
...But the moment did not come. The rustling died away. The nightingale resumed its song.

*Excerpt taken from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis


This post is dedicated to all things yellow. But I actually only have three yellow pictures. And actually I just wanted to share the pictures at the bottom, but I was in a yellow mood. So here's yellow!:

Here they are! Finished slippers! Finally... I love them! They are so cute and warm and I made them from a free pattern! I did change some things though- I used an I hook (and I don't have wide feet) but I was using thinner yarn and I added one row to make them longer. I am very pleased with the result! Happy Yellow!

I Love this Dress

And I can't wait to wear it! Signs of spring are on their way- the snow is melting, puddles are deepening, bits of green are popping up and a general smell is in the air of spring fresh! I am in love with spring! And eventually, I will wear this dress again.

p.s. Some links you should have a look at in my favourites on the side- Triptych Project: a project I am doing along with 2 other artists/friends in which we take a picture each week to make a triptych. And also check out Mennonite Girls Can Cook which is a fabulous cooking blog and includes, yes, favourite Mennonite recipes! Yum! I will finally learn how to make real bread, perishky, rollkuchen, and of course paska for Easter which is fast approaching!



Right now this picture is staring me in the face and I do like it so. It makes me chuckle inside a little. Yes, I know that my calender is 2009, but I like to pretend it's in the correct year so that I can use it again. I got it as a gift from my friend, Elya. A little something from Rome, of course! And yes, I realize that I'm blogging with the chance of no one reading my previous posts, but maybe someday someone will...hello? Is anyone there? Oh well, I like the idea of it anyway- sharing inspiration when I come across it and combining images with words. It's fun I think, even with no one to read it!
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Post Valentine's

Well Valentine's Day has past, regular life has begun again, and my computer is finally fixed!! Hooray!! I can post again!
I heard so many bitter comments again this year about Valentine's Day, but again, I don't see how everyone can be so bitter when it's so much fun. I think there is much more to Valentine's Day than JUST romantic love. First of all, Valentine's Day has always been about love between friends and family for me- my parents have always made it something special for all of us to celebrate. But no love on earth can compare to the ultimate love of Christ which is the greatest love of all! We should really be celebrating His great love for us and showing our love for Him! I think that His love is my favourite gift this year and I think that through understanding His love, I can better appreciate a holiday dedicated to love- all love! Here's to love! And here is also to my father who always shows love through his actions- this year by a rose! :) How beautiful! I love roses no matter how cliche they are! They are so pretty!

So, in honour of celebrating all love, my roommate and I hosted a Valentine's Tea yesterday! Unfortunately, I only figured out later that my camera was on the wrong setting, so pictures didn't turn out too well, but they give you the main idea! I made a paper heart garland for the event...

And we made all kinds of goodies to indulge in- raspberry linzer heart shaped cookies, cherry cupcakes, and we found some hazelnut chocolates and hot hearts on half-price after the real holiday!

Yummy! We also wore our tea dresses, of course in shades of pink. We decided that since Canada was playing Switzerland last night in Olympic hockey, the red and white theme could also be dedicated to them for the guys attending the party...

It turned out to be a small gathering, but a fun one. You may not think we had a party by the lack of pictures of the actual event, but I just was kind of forgetful on the picture taking end of things! I guess, it was just too fun! Happy love, everyone!!


Sometimes I like reminiscing...well, actually all the time I love reminiscing! So I often peruse There are so many things on there that I loved as a child and still love! So here's to remembering childhood with things like:

Heads up, seven up- classic game that was so simple, but yet so fun!

Jiffy Pops- The idea of this was great and we spent many camping trips buying these in hopes that it would work at least never did.

Polly Pocket- The original polly pocket. My goal was to collect as many as possible and I did end up collecting quite an amount! I could play with these for hours!

Barbie fold n' fun house- The desired item by every Barbie lover and me and my sister's were lucky enough to own one of these. This particular picture seems to be missing the best part- the light up lamp!

Isn't It Romantic?

The first snow of the year! Who would have thought that it would come at the beginning of October?? As much as it has come early, I do think it is quite pretty! There is something so fresh about it and I got in such a mood that I went and splurged on a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks on my way home from work! I know it will melt, maybe that's why I'm enjoying it...I don't know. Either way, I think our house looks fabulous in the snow- snow almost suits it, our little cottage.

Our little back yard is enchanting...there's something so magical about it! Especially with the green leaves still on the trees!