Home Again, Home Again

Well after about 2 weeks of traveling around BC, I am back and ready to blog again! This summer I was given the opportunity to take my friends, Amanda and Colin's engagement photos. My first photo shoot! I can't say I wasn't nervous, but excitement mostly took over once we started the shoot. When I have more time, I will post more pictures, but here is a sneak peek of what is to come....

Melancholy Monday

I'm titling this post "Melancholy Monday" because something truly sad happened over the weekend. On Friday night, our home was broken into and my computer and both my cameras were stolen. I'm feeling a little bit sad about the cameras (even though I long for a new one!) just because now I have nothing. Before I wasn't happy with my cameras, but I had something. Now I can't even pretend to take pictures. It's quite sad. So to cheer myself up, I came across this photographer and artist named Cade Martin. His work is so fabulous, I can almost forget about my stolen pocessions! I hope you enjoy and check out his website because he has more fabulous work on there! What does your monday bring for you?

Red Poppies

Lately as I've seen the poppies bloom around town, I've begun to really appreciate their beauty. There is something so timeless about the simple red poppy. I think this one is going on my favourite flowers list. And Begonias. I think by the end of my lifetime, my favourite flowers list will be very long...
I stole this picture from The Audrey Hepburn Complex- beautiful imagery site if you ever get a chance to take a peek!
Oh and to appeal to another sense, this artist has been pleasurable to my ears lately. Have a listen! It takes a bit to get into the song, but it's worth it!

And if this wasn't enough, here's another one!

Photographic Art

I came across another blog that posted about this, and I was inspired, so I thought I'd post as well! This photographer and artist Dan Estabrook has really fascinating photography in which he uses 19th century methods of developing. It seems his work is less about taking pictures and more about creating art. Much of his artwork, I find so beautiful and very intriguing. It inspires me to create in a similar fashion! (Though without the equipment, I doubt I could ever create something as beautiful as this!)