Peaches and Wildflowers

So with the absence of a camera and computer, I haven't really had much to post lately or a way to do it. But here is a snapshot of my latest ventures in Hepburn on my vacation. I love the simplistic beauty of wildflowers, so one warm day, I took to the fields and helped myself to these lovely beauties. And the gem of the bunch? The one wild rose I found!

And lately, I've been yearning to learn the art of the preserve. So today, my mother took on the task of teaching me by canning peaches! So fun and so delicious!

I am now ready to see what other goodies I can can up for the winter!

Many Moons

Hello there. It has been many moons since I last posted. But in my defence, I was on the Eastern Shores of Canada for 2 weeks where I did not readily have access to computers. So. Here I am again ready to write about something fascinating.

I feel as though I have to share this. It's just too amazing for words. And although I've always loved the idea of small living, never have I seen anything this small! I can't say I would go to this extreme, but what a cute little home! Apparently this is some kind of new trend- Tiny Homes and I have to agree with some of the reasons people do this. First of all, who really needs the space of these ugly huge box homes that people are building in the suburbs? It's ugly and it's unnecessary! And I suppose small homes do a lot for generating less energy which is always good. And of course, it's cheaper! These homes cost a penny compared to what most homes are going for! Last of all, they are cute. And who can't appreciate cute homes? Take a look:

There are all kinds of tiny houses if you search around. This guy has all kinds of neat designs on his website. Also, check out The Small House Society and Toronto's Smallest House. I am so inspired. and in awe.

The Secret Garden

...It was the lock of the door which had been closed ten years and she put her hand in her pocket, drew out the key and found it fitted the keyhole. She put the key in and turned it. It took two hands to do it, but it did turn.

And then she took a long breath and looked behind her up the long walk to see if anyone was coming. No one was coming. No one ever did come, it seemed, and she took another long breath, because she could not help it, and she held back the swinging curtain of ivy and pushed back the door which opened slowly-slowly.

Then she slipped through it, and shut it behind her, and stood with her back against it, looking about her and breathing quite fast with excitement, and wonder, and delight.

She was standing inside the secret garden...

..."How still it is!" she whispered. "How still!" Then she waited a moment and listened at the stillness. The robin, who had flown to his treetop, was still as all the rest. He did not even flutter his wings; he sat without stirring, and looked at Mary...

...She moved away from the door, stepping as softly as if she were afraid of awakening some one. She was glad that there was grass under her feet and that her steps made no sounds. She walked under one of the fairy-like gray arches between the trees and looked up at the sprays and tendrils which formed them...

...She did not seem to know anything about gardening, but the grass seemed so thick in some places where the green points were pushing their way through that she thought they did not seem to have room enough to grow. She searched about until she found a rather sharp piece of wood and knelt down and dug and weeded out the weeds and grass until she made nice little clear places around them...

...She went from place to place, and dug and weeded, and enjoyed herself so immensly that she was led on from bed to bed and into the grass under the trees. The exercise made her so warm that she first threw her coat off, and then her hat, and without knowing it she was smiling down on to the grass and the pale green points all the time.

Excerpts taken from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Post inspired by Rebecca's longing to play Secret Garden in the backyard!

Polaroid Giveaway from Cakies

Just wanted to let you all know that a blog I read regularly- Cakies, is having a giveaway for a Polaroid camera if that interests any of my few readers! I'm entering for sure! It's also quite a lovely blog if you wanted to head over and check it out for yourself!


This post is dedicated to all things yellow. But I actually only have three yellow pictures. And actually I just wanted to share the pictures at the bottom, but I was in a yellow mood. So here's yellow!:

Here they are! Finished slippers! Finally... I love them! They are so cute and warm and I made them from a free pattern! I did change some things though- I used an I hook (and I don't have wide feet) but I was using thinner yarn and I added one row to make them longer. I am very pleased with the result! Happy Yellow!

Crafty Inspiration

I just came across a blog that I think will come in very handy being a nanny for a very crafty little girl... Craft Projects has tons of neat ideas for crafting with kids that are not junky and ugly but very creative and beautiful, indeed! You can check it out by clicking here.

Here are some of the crafty kid projects like a sticker canvas drawing, fabric collage, or monoprint painting:

These last two are more so fun adult crafts- an embroidered applique toddler shirt, or a wood veneer piece of art!

Post Valentine's

Well Valentine's Day has past, regular life has begun again, and my computer is finally fixed!! Hooray!! I can post again!
I heard so many bitter comments again this year about Valentine's Day, but again, I don't see how everyone can be so bitter when it's so much fun. I think there is much more to Valentine's Day than JUST romantic love. First of all, Valentine's Day has always been about love between friends and family for me- my parents have always made it something special for all of us to celebrate. But no love on earth can compare to the ultimate love of Christ which is the greatest love of all! We should really be celebrating His great love for us and showing our love for Him! I think that His love is my favourite gift this year and I think that through understanding His love, I can better appreciate a holiday dedicated to love- all love! Here's to love! And here is also to my father who always shows love through his actions- this year by a rose! :) How beautiful! I love roses no matter how cliche they are! They are so pretty!

So, in honour of celebrating all love, my roommate and I hosted a Valentine's Tea yesterday! Unfortunately, I only figured out later that my camera was on the wrong setting, so pictures didn't turn out too well, but they give you the main idea! I made a paper heart garland for the event...

And we made all kinds of goodies to indulge in- raspberry linzer heart shaped cookies, cherry cupcakes, and we found some hazelnut chocolates and hot hearts on half-price after the real holiday!

Yummy! We also wore our tea dresses, of course in shades of pink. We decided that since Canada was playing Switzerland last night in Olympic hockey, the red and white theme could also be dedicated to them for the guys attending the party...

It turned out to be a small gathering, but a fun one. You may not think we had a party by the lack of pictures of the actual event, but I just was kind of forgetful on the picture taking end of things! I guess, it was just too fun! Happy love, everyone!!

Dear St. Valentine

My computer has been experiencing an illness, I'm afraid...hence no posts for a while. But I managed to sneak onto another computer for this one!
Valentines Day is fast approaching- one of my favourite holidays of the year! I love it! I can't stand how people become so depressed on this magical day because they have no significant other. If that was what it was all about for me, I would be a very depressed person each year! It's really just all about loving those that you have and what's not to love about that?? So here is some Valentine's Day inspiration to get you thinking about this lovely holiday:

What fabulous mini valentines from World's Smallest Postal Service that are actually sendable!! How cute!

Pretty paper garland from How About Orange

Why not embroider a valentine with this free pattern from Badbird's?

What a precious homemade dainty from Twig & Thistle

Or craft up this pretty felt valentine from Checkout Girl!

Oh how I love you, Saint Valentine! Hopefully I will have time to conjure up some of these neat ideas and send them all out before the big day!

P.S. I have finally finished Atonement and what a fabulous, fabulous book!!

Light and Shadow

Sometimes I like making shadow puppets. I don't know how to make too fact I only know how to make one. And it ends up looking like this:

And of course this is a well-advanced shadow puppet, or so I thought...until I came across these. I like making old things beautiful, treasure from trash, something from nothing- that type of idea, but this is just taking it to a whole new level! Who would have thought that ugly trash could be reflected onto a wall to create a masterpiece, really?!? Wow, I am in awe.

I suppose my shadow puppets could use a little work. Tonight's task? Learn shadow art!


Sometimes I like reminiscing...well, actually all the time I love reminiscing! So I often peruse There are so many things on there that I loved as a child and still love! So here's to remembering childhood with things like:

Heads up, seven up- classic game that was so simple, but yet so fun!

Jiffy Pops- The idea of this was great and we spent many camping trips buying these in hopes that it would work at least never did.

Polly Pocket- The original polly pocket. My goal was to collect as many as possible and I did end up collecting quite an amount! I could play with these for hours!

Barbie fold n' fun house- The desired item by every Barbie lover and me and my sister's were lucky enough to own one of these. This particular picture seems to be missing the best part- the light up lamp!