These Old Things

So today I feel compelled to bring something to the front of your memories. I once upon a time spent hour upon hour creating crocheted pieces for a craft show, proceeded to sell next to nothing and was left with a stash of crocheted bonnets, hats and one sweater which I didn't know what to do with. Upon cleaning my room the other day, I came across these precious items and would like to remind you of their worth right now! If you should want a cute little bonnet for your child or someone you know, I am selling these heirloom bonnets at $20.00 (Down from $25!), and the sweater at a new low price of $35.00 (Down from $40!). Please let me know if you are interested and I will be sure to get back to you!

The bonnets come in sizes small and large in most colours

Also, as a side note, I think I will start posting about the books I am reading or have read, maybe do a little review here and there! I just barely finished (before I had to return it to the library so I wouldn't get more fines than I already have...) the book, Geisha, A Life by Mineko Iwasaki. It's a very interesting autobiographical read. I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture and Geisha lifestyle, so I picked this up one day thinking it might just be a story with information that I already have gathered about the lifestyle. But it is much more than that, I found. I really couldn't even put it down some times! Her story is fascinating and the conviction and determination she displays is inspiring. And any misconceptions you have about Meiko and Geisha, she will be sure to set you straight! The word "geiko" (another name for Geisha) means "artist" and I've discovered that is exactly what they are and maybe that is why I am so drawn toward it. Although, they are much more disciplined artists than I. I think I could learn a lot from the way they discipline themselves to learn and study their art forms. I'm so lazy about it...

Time Stealers

Things that seem to have been stealing my time lately:

1. First of all the Spring Concert held last Saturday- took up most of my time last week, but I made it through and it went well! We performed Fiddler on the Roof songs among others and look! I'm on the poster! No, I'm not the one playing violin or singing the solo, but I'm standing behind the soloist on the left! I'm almost famous! ha!

2. I seem to be doing more cooking and baking lately to keep Rebecca fed up and happy! Here are some cookies that I made that seemed to be a big hit with her from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Delish!

3. Tapioca Pudding. Ok, this didn't take much time at all because I gobbled it down, but yum! A fantastic treat!

4. Although, this picture makes me feel like singing in the rain, I'm not sure I actually would. It has been raining all week and it's been cold and miserable. On the bright side, though, everything is looking a whole lot greener and prettier...I just wish it would warm up a little.

5. Because of all the cold weather and rain, I have turned to crocheting my time away from my new magazine- Crochet Today! It is a fantastic magazine and I have found quite a few patterns I would like to try in this issue. So I am making a little baby sweater- for which baby? I do not know, but it is sure fun to make!
Well, now I am off to bed, because I am writing this late because my time is being eaten up by so many of these things that I haven't been able to post. Goodnight!

Summer Lovin'

To you, it may seem as though I have forgotten all about this blog, but I know that I have not! Thoughts of posting something have been in my head for days, but I have been incredibly busy and will probably be quite busy for a while yet and I also was not quite sure what to post! But here I am and all I can really say is, what beautiful weather outside- I want to spend all my time out there. And I am almost done classes! Only 2 left! I am very excited to be done. It's time to do art on my own, and not be forced to draw something such as a fake flower or ugly skull! Unfortunately I do not have any of my own pictures to post, but I will try to leave you with some imagery:

I am in the midst of making these Granny Square Slippers from The Pearl Bee. I am going to make a whole bunch of different sizes, stick them in a basket by the fireplace, and then when guest's feet are chilly, they can grab a pair and have toasty toes!

And this photograph has everything I want right now: A spiral staircase exactly like it, and a place to store my art! Wow, this is so beautiful. I can just imagine my studio being at the top of those stairs! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where I found this picture, but it is the nicest thing I've seen all week!


This post is dedicated to all things yellow. But I actually only have three yellow pictures. And actually I just wanted to share the pictures at the bottom, but I was in a yellow mood. So here's yellow!:

Here they are! Finished slippers! Finally... I love them! They are so cute and warm and I made them from a free pattern! I did change some things though- I used an I hook (and I don't have wide feet) but I was using thinner yarn and I added one row to make them longer. I am very pleased with the result! Happy Yellow!


Well, who would have thought, it would take me so long to post something new! There are so many new updates involving my crocheting, I don't know where to begin!

In November, I entered a craft sale for 3 days and after 10 days of madly crocheting, I whipped out hats of all kinds, including baby bonnets (which are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!)

And I do think that these also make fabulous gifts...just putting it out there!

I have also finished one of the links that I was hoping to finish- unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, but the Phannie hat turned out quite well. Easy to make and very pretty! I also stumbled across a different hat that is super cute and also turned out nicely for a christmas present- Puff stitch beret. The only thing about this pattern was that there was no guage, so I had to experiment with it a few times. But it turned out the way I wanted! And I love the puff stitch!

Ok, inspiration for the day:

At iDIY, under the topic Freebies and Downloads, you can find some amazing printables such as these antique french labels:

So pretty, I think! That's all for today- be back in another 3 months! But, hopefully sooner, as in next week....

Beginning to End

I am the type of person who gets really excited about starting a new project, begins working on something, but then finds something even more exciting than the last....and before you know it there are unfinished projects lying around everywhere that I eventually rip apart to use the material for something else. It most often happens in the case of yarn projects. Because crocheting is so quick to make (in most cases), you would think I would finish things, but somehow, I have not! So, I have made it a personal goal to finish the things that I start and post them for your viewing pleasure. I have gotten much better, especially as I learn to make things that I actually like!

To start off, I'll post a few projects with free patterns that I intend to start sooner or later...depending on when my current project gets finished...because I WILL restrain from starting something new!

Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat
Crocheted Mittens
Phannie Slouchy Hat
Whiter Shade of Pale Car Coat