The Secret Garden

...It was the lock of the door which had been closed ten years and she put her hand in her pocket, drew out the key and found it fitted the keyhole. She put the key in and turned it. It took two hands to do it, but it did turn.

And then she took a long breath and looked behind her up the long walk to see if anyone was coming. No one was coming. No one ever did come, it seemed, and she took another long breath, because she could not help it, and she held back the swinging curtain of ivy and pushed back the door which opened slowly-slowly.

Then she slipped through it, and shut it behind her, and stood with her back against it, looking about her and breathing quite fast with excitement, and wonder, and delight.

She was standing inside the secret garden...

..."How still it is!" she whispered. "How still!" Then she waited a moment and listened at the stillness. The robin, who had flown to his treetop, was still as all the rest. He did not even flutter his wings; he sat without stirring, and looked at Mary...

...She moved away from the door, stepping as softly as if she were afraid of awakening some one. She was glad that there was grass under her feet and that her steps made no sounds. She walked under one of the fairy-like gray arches between the trees and looked up at the sprays and tendrils which formed them...

...She did not seem to know anything about gardening, but the grass seemed so thick in some places where the green points were pushing their way through that she thought they did not seem to have room enough to grow. She searched about until she found a rather sharp piece of wood and knelt down and dug and weeded out the weeds and grass until she made nice little clear places around them...

...She went from place to place, and dug and weeded, and enjoyed herself so immensly that she was led on from bed to bed and into the grass under the trees. The exercise made her so warm that she first threw her coat off, and then her hat, and without knowing it she was smiling down on to the grass and the pale green points all the time.

Excerpts taken from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Post inspired by Rebecca's longing to play Secret Garden in the backyard!

April's Fooling Me

Ok, since April has decided to play a big trick on us in my end of the world seeing as it is BLIZZARDING outside and the wind is blowing like nothing else and I'm freezing, I thought I would post some lovely bright, happy, spring pictures to make me think of spring. Spring, come back to me! Why do you leave me at a time like this? On a Friday night when I want to go and get some ice-cream and lemonade, but your arch-enemy prevails?? Well, enjoy the pictures of what is yet to come...

Oh and this picture is from my photography class in the Agriculture Building at the University one day when it was warm outside and sunny. And here's a little excerpt from a poem sent to me by a dear friend and written by a kindred spirit, L.M. Montgomery:

Only a long, low-lying lane
That follows to the misty sea,
Across a bare and russet plain
Where wild winds whistle vagrantly;
I know that many a fairer path
With lure of song and bloom may woo,
But oh! I love this lonely strath
Because it is so full of you..

Those last two lines of that verse are not particularly true at the moment because for me the fairer path with lure of song and bloom is wooing me and I want it!

Sun and Sky

"Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who turn many to righteousness will shine like stars forever." -Daniel 12:3