Florals for (Tuesday): Moody Roses

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An excerpt and some good words from an interview with Joy Williams on her new album:

Do you feel that you have come home with VENUS? Home seems to be a touchstone for you. Can you talk about the concept of home for you? 

Being known. Being seen. Belonging. That can happen everywhere. I'm learning it has to start with me. What's the old phrase? "Know thyself." Not being afraid to let my edges out has been a major part of being seen. Of being myself. Charlie Peacock said something in studio that really spoke to me. He said, "Don't try harder. Try less."

Florals for Monday: Wild Rose

from flickr via pinterest

A Wild Rose
Sarah Orne Jewett

A blushing wild pink rose,
    By tangled woods and ways,
A passing sweet that goes
    With summer days.

From rosy dawn till night
    Wafted from east to west,
Kissed by the morning light
    To evening rest.

Thy odors faint outlive
    Alike both joy and pain,
Stealing the sweet they give
    To yield again.

Leaving a faint perfume
    Thy memory to fulfill,
Forgotten in thy bloom,
 Remembered still.

Building Community on Pinterest

Since I started on Pinterest, it has always acted as a personal mood board for me to find inspiration, as I'm sure it does for a lot of people. But recently I began to ponder on how to engage with in a more communal way, to find inspiration with and alongside others. There's something about bouncing our ideas off one another as a community that gets the inner wheels turning for new projects and ventures. Unfortunately, that's a hard thing to do when your creative community is not physically in the same room. So, I came up with the idea of sharing in our mornings with one another by creating a group Pinterest board for inspiration. It's a place where we can share images and words to set the tone for the day, specifically relating to simplicity and reflective beauty...a place where creative minds can connect. Here are just a few of the images that have been popping up lately: 

top left + top right: girl in window + lemons pinned by The Merrythought

bottom left: still life pinned by Amelia Hackett

bottom right: coffee cup pinned by Veronika / By the Shore

I would love to have you follow along! To see the board, click on the widget below. If you have a similar aesthetic and this sounds like something you are interested in joining, please send an email to jenni.haikonen8@gmail.com. 

Florals for (Tuesday)

from Putnam & Putnam via Pinterest

I'm starting a small inspiration series on the blog which will normally be running on mondays, but since it happens to be tuesday...well the post is titled accordingly. I've been spending a significant more amount of time on my pinterest lately and have been feeling so inspired by the images I've been coming across, especially florals. I thought I'd begin to share a bit more of what inspires me on this space because, really, this isn't a space just for me and my ideas don't come solely out of my imagination! I love the classical imagery that comes across in this photo. It is so reminiscent of a painting I remember seeing in Versailles (which I have yet to share about!) and the colour scheme is incredible.