Spring Expression

Abstract Expressionism Spring Painting.jpg

This past year has been a year of exploration for me. I dove into the world of illustration and watercolour, attempting to develop my skills and style. I've loved so much of it and have found a deep passion for watercolour painting. But there's something about it that sometimes feels more thought out- it takes so much effort and planning to execute a piece. Sometimes that planning excites me. The thought of what could be thrills me. And then there are times where I have felt this twinge, a stirring in my soul. This stirring is for something that once consumed my thoughts. Last year I left a love behind to learn about a new love, but the expressionistic acrylic paintings that I once spent time creating will always be the first love that I hold dear. It comes so natural for me...the act of painting becomes an expression of a feeling, rather than a thought. 

Yesterday, I felt a sudden urge to return to that love. I pulled out my paints from the depths of the closet (I could probably use new ones by now) and found an unfinished painting to mask over. Taking out my old brushes felt like being reunited with a familiar friend. Old habits and rituals came flooding back- water jar being filled, the choosing of colours to squeeze out of their tubes, dabbing a newly moistened brush on a designated rag. And I began to paint to the sound of the music in my ears, to the feeling of the sun shining through the window, to the emotions of the day. It felt so very right. Yes, this paint, this style, is a part of me. 

Basin Street Blues

An end of the week story: There's always been a small part of me that has wanted to say, "I'm going out dancing tonight". And not that kind of raunchy, lights, dj, club dancing. No, when I said it, it would come out of my mouth with a hint of a southern accent in the smooth heat of summer during 1945, while putting on the heels to match my free-flowing dress (maybe I'd even add a "mama" to the end of that sentence because of course, I wouldn't be married yet. I'd be going to meet a man). I'd arrive at the rustic outdoor stage, twinkling with tiny lights where a festive jazz band would lead me to dance late into the night with my handsome date. Well yesterday, a tiny part of that came true. I got to say, "I'm going out dancing tonight". We went swing dancing with our friends- something I'd never done before. It wasn't near as romantic as my dreams- we fumbled around a lot and felt a little awkward and silly, but it sure was fun. And I did put on a dress and did get to dance late into the night with my handsome date (though, not too late, because we are practical people...). So here's a little something to take you to the weekend that's been a part of my week. Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five has been pouring out of my speakers for the past few days and has taken me to magical places. I hope it takes you to magical places, too. 

10 Artists to Follow on Instagram


Instagram has grown to become my favourite stream of social media, as I think it is with a lot of visual people. I am often overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration I receive from seeing other creative lives being documented and shared in my feed! I thought I would put together a little list of my favourite artists that I follow. I hope you find someone new to follow, too! Sorry in advance about the very small writing on each picture. I'm still getting used to Squarespace so if someone knows how to change that, please share your insights with me!