Bunches of Flowers // work in progress

Ahh May. You bring the prettiest flowers. And I can't help but want to paint them all! Also, somehow it's Thursday already and I haven't posted since last Thursday...how did that happen? Here are a few of the things that I've been working on over the week: 1. My desk as it always looks- a little haphazard, but I don't mind. 2. Lavender forever reminds me of our wedding day and I could probably say this about a lot of flowers, but it truly is one of my favourites. 3. Dainty lilacs that are just about done their season here, but fully in bloom for many right now! 4. This little sharpener has been getting used an awful lot for all the sketches that have been happening before I paint (see first photo!). 

Since I forgot to leave some inspiration for Monday, I'll include a quote I pinned to our collective inspiration board on pinterest:

"to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong" -Joseph Chilton Pearce

Herb Paintings // Work in Progress


My painting days have been filled with tiny paintings lately. These are all going toward a series that will eventually turn into a product for the shop. It's been a really fun project to work on and I'll be excited to share it when it's all finished. I've been feeling so very inspired by botanicals and herbs- I suppose that comes with spring and all the newness popping up everywhere! Spring is such a dream...

Vintage Inspired // Work in Progress

Today, the sun is streaming into my window, the sounds of Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five in the air and I'm dreaming of lazy summer days. Most often, when I start dreaming, I'm inspired to paint so this is what sits on my desk today. A simple floral design that's almost done being painted and then it'll be scanned for some post-painting production. Any guesses as to what it'll be? Hint: We had Louis Armstrong and other 30's jazz playing at our backyard wedding reception :)

I've also been updating my site lately and have done a bunch of work on my portfolio page! Just trying to simplify things a little Check it out under the "work" tab or follow the link here! Hope you all are having a cheerful and sunny Thursday.