Gratitude Journal: 5 Things That Made My Week

1 . This old chair.


(because it was a $10 secondhand find worth driving for.)

2. This fluffy dried river grass.


(because, despite gathering it two seasons too late, it still brought me the same amount of joy to find.)

3. This cup of coffee.


(because a Scandinavian 25 cent thrift store mug is always worth the photo.)

4. This green seedling.


(because these sunrise bumblebee tomatoes are going to be fantastic.)

5. This seed starting scene


(for reminding me that after failing, you can always start again.)

The Space In-Between

Photo c/o  Maude & Montgomery

How to describe the atmosphere of the in-between? It's neither here nor there, it's flighty and unsure, it's hesitant. It doesn't want to grab hold to what's ahead, but finds it hard to let go of what's behind. It's a piece of driftwood that has fallen into the sea, bobbing to and fro with the waves, the nestled destination on the sandy beach nearing, but still far. 

This is the space I'm in during my 28th year (soon-to-be 29th...). I feel a constant bobbing of the waves in a gentle sea. At least, it's gentle. There's something to be said for that. There was a storm once, but those dark and ominous clouds seem to have passed, for now. I know the excitable, adventuresome & rocky land I left behind, but the land ahead is hazy. Will its roots go deeper? Will its branches extend further? Will I have to slog through mud to find a grassy plain? And if I reach it, will I rest amongst wildflowers? 

Questions that have yet to be answered. For now, I continue to bob, resting in the lull between worlds, hoping to reach shore before another storm passes. 

Sail On, Ye Stately Ships

This has been a nagging task in my brain- not one of duty, but a desirable task that keeps getting pushed off because of duties. But at last! My body is forcing me to sit on the couch with an autumnal wet-weather cold and I feel like I can finally attend to sharing pictures of our summer getaway with you. It was a trip for the books! The financial books are still struggling, but it was oh, so worth it. This year we chose to go to New England because a) it looked dreamy, but b) it was also less expensive to fly to Boston than it was to the Canadian East Coast, which was where we had originally been wanting to explore. But it turns out the east coast of America has an over-abundance of magical places to explore and we wandered the countrysides of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine with city stops at Boston and Portland. My Romantic, history loving side was fulfilled with each and every new inch of land we discovered and my soul was so satisfied with the amount of beauty we happened upon. 

As it turns out, my camera lens had some issues, so some photos turned out blurry and out of focus. At first I was annoyed, but after editing, I realized they had a old film quality to them that was actually kind of appealing! 

The beaches had a quality to them that is unmatched to the west coast. There was an abundance of shells to be found, the sand was so soft, and the rocks even sparkled. These were both taken at Reid State Park in Maine. 

A few vignettes of various towns around Maine. Our favourites included Wiscasset, Rockland, Camden, and Kittery. 

Enchanting Goldenrod along the Portland seashore. 

‘Sail on!’ it says, ‘sail on, ye stately ships!
And with your floating bridge the ocean span;
Be mine to guard this light from all eclipse,
Be yours to bring man nearer unto man!’
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The greatest moment of the trip for me was to visit the town of Concord (above) and tour the Orchard House of Louisa May Alcott. I grew up very much attached to the story of Little Women because I, too, have 3 sisters (I would be Jo in the mix!). I watched the movie every Christmas and was even once played Meg in a high school stage production of the story. We arrived at Orchard House very last minute for the last tour of the day, but I did get to see and hear about all of the parts of life that influenced Louisa in writing her great masterpiece. Hearing those stories brought back memories of my own childhood and I suddenly felt very connected to the Alcott family in a strange, unexplainable way. It was incredibly surreal and felt like a pilgrimage, of sorts.  And yes, I did listen to the Little Women soundtrack very loudly on the way into town. 

The last portion of our trip included a visit to the very memorable Isabela Stewart Gardner museum in Boston. It was absolutely awe-inspiring and I'm sure words and even my photos can't quite capture the feelings of wonder that existed while wandering this space. A must-see for any Boston traveler. 

A few last photos from our time spent in Boston- Harvard and a street in Beacon Hill. I had been asked multiple times after we got back, "Tell me about your trip!" and I had trouble knowing how to respond, how to encapsulate everything we saw, all we took in. But I do have memories that will stick with me forever and small words that describe those. So if I were asked to describe it again I would say, Goldenrod, Crickets, Cicadas, Wild Grasses, Classic Brick, Black & White, Gentle Green, Rose Hips, Salty Air, Steeples, Warmth, Depth. 

Spring Things

I had meant to post these earlier, but as always, life got in the way. I've been trying to capture more small moments of life on my camera, trying to stop and see the beauty in amongst the daily tasks. These are a few of those moments that I found in Spring- a good few from a trip to the prairies where I always seem to find the inspiration I need. 

"We stopped when we saw horses. You were frightened of making them run, and you stayed in the car. They were the colours of pecans and walnuts. Their heads were raised, attentive. I padded through the long grass, listening to my breathing, listening to theirs, inhaling the green field smells and the horses' scent, like paprika and clover."
-Sean Michaels, Us Conductors

Mid-May News

Those that receive my newsletter are always the first to receive information about upcoming news and events, but now you blog readers get the inside scoop on what's coming up at the end of May for me! First, a shop update:

• The Connection Between You and Me
I'm very pleased to introduce my collection of original night sky constellation paintings that are now available in my shop. This collection is called "The Connection Between You & Me" and features all of the zodiac constellations as well as a few others being added as they are created. 

"The sky can be the greatest point of connection that we have with those that are far away. It might be a loved one in another part of the world or someone of significance that has passed on. So often, we can stand up and look to the same magical twinkling stars that light up the night. These tiny lights connect to each other and create little pictures that represent personality, story and tradition. There's something comforting in knowing this blanket of stars drapes over us each night with pictures to remind us who we are and who we are connected to."

Saskatchewan Rural Market
I am very much looking forward to a trip to Saskatchewan at the end of May- lately I've been dreaming of open fields and wildflowers, so I would say this is coming at an opportune time. For all of you prairie followers, you will now get a chance to shop some of my work in person! If you happen to be in the rural area north of Saskatoon, you will find me here:

Waldheim Spring Handmade Market
May 28, 2016
Sam Wendland Heritage Park

Saskatoon Pop-Up Shop
If you are not rural folk and more of a city-dweller, I will also be popping up in Saskatoon! Because my work features mainly botanicals it only made sense to partner with Bill's House of Flowers on Broadway for a day-long pop up. I've been a long time fan of this lovely business and am thrilled to be setting up shop for the day. Be sure to come during happy hour (2pm-closing) when all flowers and bunches are 50% off!  

Bill's House of Flowers Pop-Up
June 3, 2016
712 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon

Hope to see you at one or both of these events!