Spring Equinox Inspiration

I came across these images recently of a flower shop in France and I fell in love immediately. (They are screenshots from a commercial that I don't have a source to, so if anyone can provide that, I'd be most grateful!) Don't they just seep with Romance and imagination and dreamy atmosphere?? I can't stop staring at them and I'm transported to a perfect environment for the spring season. I think I'd be content to go here to just sit and sketch for a while while taking in the sunshine. What a dream! Do you have any far away spaces that you find yourself traveling to in your mind? I'd love to hear about them!

Inspiration for a Moody Monday

Winter Blues are in full force around here lately with cold winter weather, a battle against a bodily cold and a tiring of the hibernation mode. I've been needing some escape, and the other day I happened to see the images that I'd been pinning lined up together on Pinterest- they seemed to fit perfectly, so I thought I'd create a small grid here to show you what's been catching my eye. Perhaps I'll just get lost in these images to escape the humdrum... 

1. Nicole Franzen
2. Cashemere & Plaid
3. Style Lovely
4. Local Milk

Spring Things

I had meant to post these earlier, but as always, life got in the way. I've been trying to capture more small moments of life on my camera, trying to stop and see the beauty in amongst the daily tasks. These are a few of those moments that I found in Spring- a good few from a trip to the prairies where I always seem to find the inspiration I need. 

"We stopped when we saw horses. You were frightened of making them run, and you stayed in the car. They were the colours of pecans and walnuts. Their heads were raised, attentive. I padded through the long grass, listening to my breathing, listening to theirs, inhaling the green field smells and the horses' scent, like paprika and clover."
-Sean Michaels, Us Conductors

Falling From the Autumn Tree

Under the autumn tree
The chair where you would swing
A yard so full of leaves
Hum the song that comforts me...

A small excerpt from Milo Green's song, Autumn Tree that seems to be running through my head as I go through these pictures from my crisp autumn walk the other day. Perfect for the first day of October, it seems. These images were taken on a day where my head would not be cleared of the million thoughts and emotions that were distracting me from my work. I knew that walking to clear my mind would help, but I did not anticipate happening upon the most glorious, sun-bathed gold Beauty. It was filled with light and warmth and calm. I could not help but stop and admire- my mind was immediately put at ease for a few small moments. It beckoned me to sit beneath its lovely branches, so I cleared a space in the crimson leaves to rest and dream once again. 

My days are busy this season. But I feel it's more of blessing than a curse. Summer was filled with doubts in my work life as there was a lull in projects. But with the coming of Autumn,  I've received a steady schedule of work which fills my heart with deep joy.

There are days such as the day of these images where the full schedule feels overwhelming but mostly it is so fulfilling for me. I have struggled with self-worth a whole lot within my work so it only feels like encouragement and affirmation when I'm receiving so many projects and orders. I'm learning to find the beauty in these busy days and try to remember that encouragement when the overwhelming feelings set in. 

Autumn is traditionally thought of the transitional season from life to death. I see the beauty in that- the preparation for hibernation... but there's a part of me that feels like Autumn is also a season of newness. The leaves change their colour to something of brilliance, for many it is the start of a new year, and it is also the start of those feelings of warmth and cosiness. There is something to be celebrated in that. There is a fullness about this season that is both death and life at once. Its richness brings about a sense of wonder, apprehension, excitement, melancholy, and calm all within a single moment. What a contrast this season is and, at the same moment, how perfectly synonymous it is with human life.