The Space In-Between

Photo c/o  Maude & Montgomery

How to describe the atmosphere of the in-between? It's neither here nor there, it's flighty and unsure, it's hesitant. It doesn't want to grab hold to what's ahead, but finds it hard to let go of what's behind. It's a piece of driftwood that has fallen into the sea, bobbing to and fro with the waves, the nestled destination on the sandy beach nearing, but still far. 

This is the space I'm in during my 28th year (soon-to-be 29th...). I feel a constant bobbing of the waves in a gentle sea. At least, it's gentle. There's something to be said for that. There was a storm once, but those dark and ominous clouds seem to have passed, for now. I know the excitable, adventuresome & rocky land I left behind, but the land ahead is hazy. Will its roots go deeper? Will its branches extend further? Will I have to slog through mud to find a grassy plain? And if I reach it, will I rest amongst wildflowers? 

Questions that have yet to be answered. For now, I continue to bob, resting in the lull between worlds, hoping to reach shore before another storm passes. 

Spring Cleaning

I am so pleased to finally be writing you from here, my new blog platform. This has been a looooong time coming. And to be honest, it's been kind of a transition for me. Entering into a new blog space can be kind of scary when change is something you fear. I've grown quite attached to Tales from Bottomley Cottage. It's been with me since the beginning of my artistic journey. But I've been needing to make the transition to everything being in one place for a while, so it means leaving the old platform behind. And to be honest, not much will be changing, but you will see some design changes and a more simplified layout. Oh, and please be patient with me as I get everything updated and tweaked. There's still a lot of figuring out to do as I'm transitioning space. But please, feel free to have a look around and explore! I'm excited to hear your feedback.

And since we're talking about new things...a new illustration! I'm actually kind of in love with this one. It's the beginning of a few like it and inspired by the small sea towns and coastal fisherman from around the world. There's a line from a poem I came across that I think fits it quite perfectly: "each [fisher]man is a master of his craft, its gleaming sails out-blown. and far behind him on the shore a home he calls his own..." I'm still trying to decide what format this will take in the end, but it'll be coming soon to a shop near you ;)