my week in objects

Oops. It's been a while for a my week post. As you may have noticed, I tend to be somewhat inconsistent- I'm working on it. This week had its major ups and downs, but some of the ups have been a breakthrough in sunshine and warm weather. It was glorious yesterday and I'm sure will be even more glorious today. Speaking of glorious, my first object happens to be something a little more ephemeral.


1. This morning light

(for being so incredibly breathtaking and beautiful.)


2. These pretty pink peonies

(for actually being from last week, but their dried presence is just as lovely.)


3.  This sketchbook

(for slowly filling itself with the imaginations in my head.)


4. These simple weavings

(for fulfilling my pioneering daydreams.)


5. These little leaves

(for giving me the inspiration I needed for a new project...more to come!)

things to take you to the weekend:

my week

i had meant to take pictures this week of the things that i am grateful for. but it turned more into a week of me appreciating the (very early) signs of spring. i couldn't help but notice the beauty blossoming all over the place as i went about my days. so here are 3 different flowers that made my week.

1. these purple magnolias

 (for surprising me while shopping in seattle.)

2. these gentle tulips

 (for making our living space just that much more liveable.)

3. these bursting cherry blossoms

(for finally making the view outside our front window worth it.)

things to take you to the weekend:

for your friday night movie 

how do i turn my kitchen into this ??

the perfect napping tune

.painting has never looked so complicated.

take note, vancouverites.

tea time in food form.

my week in objects

5 things this week to be grateful for. 

1. this teeny tiny airplant

(for coming from the cutest shop in Deep Cove and looking so very spider-y.)

2. this bowl of shapes

(for only being $1.50.)

3. these dying daffodils

(because even as they dry up, i'm reminded of the loving husband who gave them to me.)

4. this blue and white treasure

(for finally lighting my bedside with a light that doesn't blind me.)

5. this imperfect homemade candle

(that often lights my way through baking and for reminding me to stay calm.)

things to take you to the weekend:

chiaroscuro at its finest.

the only way i'm partaking in whiskey.

most played song in my library.

for the life-long learner.

creating ritual.

valentines for zine lovers.

my week in objects

there's a blog that I love called reading my tea leaves. erin, who writes faithfully every day of the work week, does this fantastic post series called, my week in objects. it's one of my favourite things to read and i like the simplicity of it. i wanted to try to follow a similar vein as a practice of habit for this blog in the coming year. our church has been focusing on habit and this past week, our life group started an experiment involving listing ten things to be grateful about each day. because i'm a visual person, i wanted to also create a visual aspect to that list. 

now, this week was actually a hard one. i was pretty down and out, emotionally and it took a lot of effort to get any work done, let alone think of things to be grateful for. but i managed to remember to take at least one photo everyday. and here's what my week looked like in the objects (and beings!) that surrounded me. 

1. this weathered face.

(because not only has the other face on our wall has found his long lost brother, it represents the thoughtfulness of a new friend.)

 2. this soon-to-bloom hyacinth.

 (for breathing a bit of life into a dark week.)

3. this simple spool of twine.

 (for waiting patiently for me to start on this weaving project.)

4. this small stack of hanging clothes.

 (for being delivered in a package waiting for me when i got home.)

5. these little legs.

(for bringing me so much joy every time i see them.)

things to take to the weekend:

to make you remember your first date (or was that just me?)

to make the practical things pretty.

wine and cheese party upgrade.

spending a winter week in paris.

in case you missed these the first time.

how could you not want to be here?

hope all of you have a restful weekend.