A Note On Worth (and Mother's Day)


I'm just going to dive right into feelings and say that I've been going through some emotional waves today in regards to my value and what I'm creating. One of my downfalls is to get so caught up in analyzing numbers and practical things that I forget to just put the work in and create. And then it becomes a blame game on myself, the voice of not being good enough as I compare my work to others... A horrible game to play, I know. 

But then there are days, such as the day I got these recipe cards printed. When I received them from the printers, I felt so ecstatic that they turned out exactly as I wanted! I felt proud of the work that  I had done. I need to remember moments like those as I keep on putting the work in and let that motivate me rather than the opposing voices in my head that want to tell me I'm worthless. 

When I think of mother's day, I can't help but hear the thoughts of a thousand moms who may have had those same thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, as their job is so often a thankless job. Why not remind your mother of her worthful-ness this year? Send her something pretty. Something to remind her that she is valued, loved and appreciated for how much work she puts in without personal reward. There are some items in my shop perfect for that, such as:

recipe cards - for all those homestyle meals she spent hours making to nourish you. 

art prints - so she can be reminded of your love every time she walks by. 

greeting cards - because a note of encouragement will always make mom's day. 

But no matter how you do it, remember to love on your mom this mother's day (and any other day of the year) because she is worth it.