2014: A Look Back

Anyone that knows me knows that I: a) love reflecting on things and reliving memories & b) love starting new things. This is why New Years Eve is probably perfect for me. This year has been a crazy year of personal growth as I've made multiple self discoveries and realizations about where I want to move with my art and what I want to say through that. There have been more down days than I wish to remember, but those times have also been the best teaching tools for moving forward. I became more aware than ever that art is something I am passionate about pursuing and that realization has allowed me to take it more seriously, as well. There have been opportunities in that path that have slowly popped up over this last year and I am more than excited about the possibilities for this coming year! I'm already making plans and goals to reach for 2015 (a few of which I'll share at the end of the post)! But first, here are a few of my favourite things that happened this year: 
I got to take a few small vacations and experience some amazing sights along the way. In March we went to Oregon (first time, for me!) and the hubby surprised me with horseback riding on the beach! By far, one of the best experiences of my life. The coast is so very beautiful. And then we ate our hearts out in Portland. 

During summer, I took a trip out to the prairie lands and had my heart filled with all the beauty I find there. It was good to ride my old bike friend, Liza again. Then in September, we took a weekend vacation to Victoria for a wedding that took my breath away. That city ranks pretty high on my favourite cities list.
One of the best things of this year has been watching this tiny human grow. My auntie heart has overflowed every time I'm able to see him and he gives me his signature charming little grin. It melts me, every. single. time.
So many beach days (and a haircut!). While I experienced a lot of homesickness this year, the beach always helped to reverse that. Now the goal is to break our (small) record of beach days and spend as much time as we can there. 
I think I'm most proud of how I've progressed in my work this year. It's felt like such a year of growth and I love looking back to see the progress. I've developed more of my style and this has allowed me to work with some really amazing clients. I still feel like I'm just in the beginning stages of everything, but I finally feel like I've found my feet and am just starting to walk. It's exciting and terrifying all at once, but I just know this year is going to hold some pretty great surprises. I'm looking forward to everything it does have to offer.

Ok, onto some of my goals for 2015. Just a few small things, but I like making lists:

1. Read (at least) 10 books.
2. Write a letter to someone once a month
3. Take part in a craft sale(s)
4. Write a blog post once a week
5. Grow my blog, etsy shop, and instagram
6. Take part in one art show

Now, who's going to hold me to these? Happy New Year, everyone!!

List: Favourite Blogs

Ahhh. Friday. I thank the Lord for Friday! It's rainy and cold out and I'm cozy inside, but feeling tired and ready for rest. I was playing with my food as I was cooking and here's what came of it. I'm suddenly reminded of still life painting classes, chiaroscuro, and Vermeer. Bosc pears do have quite the classical artistic quality to them- it doesn't take too much effort to make them look good! I'll be posting over at The Common Creative next week and you'll be able to see what deliciousness they were transformed into. 

I'm a bit obsessed with reading blogs and am so often inspired by all of the creative souls surrounding me online. I thought I'd share a little roundup of my favourites on this drizzly Friday afternoon. These reads might end up taking up all of your weekend time, and for that I am truly sorry. ;)

Oana Befort- this is probably the artist blog that I am most inspired by. Oana truly has a beautiful gift and her photos are quite lovely as well. She inspires me constantly in my own work.
The House That Lars Built- a new-to-me blog, as soon as I started reading I was hooked. Brittany does an amazing job at coming up with interesting and creative do-it-yourself projects and I'm constantly interested by her content.
Local Milk- my new favourite food blog. Her photos and styling are gorgeous. If you are looking for inspiration in this kitchen, this is definitely the blog to turn to!
Reading My Tea Leaves- I think I enjoy reading this one because the New York writer behind the blog, Erin, strives for simple living in a big city. Her writing is personable and continually feeds my interest for living simply. 
Deer Circus- you may have heard me rave about this one before...but I'm going to again. Bridget's writing is phenomenal. She has a beautiful way of putting words together to paint a picture. Sometimes I get lost in reading her creative and inspiring posts.

If you have any favourite blogs, share them in a comment! (Not that I need any more to add to my daily cue...but I definitely do need more).