Spring Things

I had meant to post these earlier, but as always, life got in the way. I've been trying to capture more small moments of life on my camera, trying to stop and see the beauty in amongst the daily tasks. These are a few of those moments that I found in Spring- a good few from a trip to the prairies where I always seem to find the inspiration I need. 

"We stopped when we saw horses. You were frightened of making them run, and you stayed in the car. They were the colours of pecans and walnuts. Their heads were raised, attentive. I padded through the long grass, listening to my breathing, listening to theirs, inhaling the green field smells and the horses' scent, like paprika and clover."
-Sean Michaels, Us Conductors

Falling From the Autumn Tree

Under the autumn tree
The chair where you would swing
A yard so full of leaves
Hum the song that comforts me...

A small excerpt from Milo Green's song, Autumn Tree that seems to be running through my head as I go through these pictures from my crisp autumn walk the other day. Perfect for the first day of October, it seems. These images were taken on a day where my head would not be cleared of the million thoughts and emotions that were distracting me from my work. I knew that walking to clear my mind would help, but I did not anticipate happening upon the most glorious, sun-bathed gold Beauty. It was filled with light and warmth and calm. I could not help but stop and admire- my mind was immediately put at ease for a few small moments. It beckoned me to sit beneath its lovely branches, so I cleared a space in the crimson leaves to rest and dream once again. 

My days are busy this season. But I feel it's more of blessing than a curse. Summer was filled with doubts in my work life as there was a lull in projects. But with the coming of Autumn,  I've received a steady schedule of work which fills my heart with deep joy.

There are days such as the day of these images where the full schedule feels overwhelming but mostly it is so fulfilling for me. I have struggled with self-worth a whole lot within my work so it only feels like encouragement and affirmation when I'm receiving so many projects and orders. I'm learning to find the beauty in these busy days and try to remember that encouragement when the overwhelming feelings set in. 

Autumn is traditionally thought of the transitional season from life to death. I see the beauty in that- the preparation for hibernation... but there's a part of me that feels like Autumn is also a season of newness. The leaves change their colour to something of brilliance, for many it is the start of a new year, and it is also the start of those feelings of warmth and cosiness. There is something to be celebrated in that. There is a fullness about this season that is both death and life at once. Its richness brings about a sense of wonder, apprehension, excitement, melancholy, and calm all within a single moment. What a contrast this season is and, at the same moment, how perfectly synonymous it is with human life.

my week in...flowers.

i had meant to take pictures this week of the things that i am grateful for. but it turned more into a week of me appreciating the (very early) signs of spring. i couldn't help but notice the beauty blossoming all over the place as i went about my days. so here are 3 different flowers that made my week.

1. these purple magnolias

 (for surprising me while shopping in seattle.)

2. these gentle tulips

 (for making our living space just that much more liveable.)

3. these bursting cherry blossoms

(for finally making the view outside our front window worth it.)

things to take you to the weekend:

for your friday night movie 

how do i turn my kitchen into this ??

the perfect napping tune

.painting has never looked so complicated.

take note, vancouverites.

tea time in food form.

my week in objects

5 things this week to be grateful for. 

1. this teeny tiny airplant

(for coming from the cutest shop in Deep Cove and looking so very spider-y.)

2. this bowl of shapes

(for only being $1.50.)

3. these dying daffodils

(because even as they dry up, i'm reminded of the loving husband who gave them to me.)

4. this blue and white treasure

(for finally lighting my bedside with a light that doesn't blind me.)

5. this imperfect homemade candle

(that often lights my way through baking and for reminding me to stay calm.)

things to take you to the weekend:

chiaroscuro at its finest.

the only way i'm partaking in whiskey.

most played song in my library.

for the life-long learner.

creating ritual.

valentines for zine lovers.

2014: A Look Back

Anyone that knows me knows that I: a) love reflecting on things and reliving memories & b) love starting new things. This is why New Years Eve is probably perfect for me. This year has been a crazy year of personal growth as I've made multiple self discoveries and realizations about where I want to move with my art and what I want to say through that. There have been more down days than I wish to remember, but those times have also been the best teaching tools for moving forward. I became more aware than ever that art is something I am passionate about pursuing and that realization has allowed me to take it more seriously, as well. There have been opportunities in that path that have slowly popped up over this last year and I am more than excited about the possibilities for this coming year! I'm already making plans and goals to reach for 2015 (a few of which I'll share at the end of the post)! But first, here are a few of my favourite things that happened this year: 
I got to take a few small vacations and experience some amazing sights along the way. In March we went to Oregon (first time, for me!) and the hubby surprised me with horseback riding on the beach! By far, one of the best experiences of my life. The coast is so very beautiful. And then we ate our hearts out in Portland. 

During summer, I took a trip out to the prairie lands and had my heart filled with all the beauty I find there. It was good to ride my old bike friend, Liza again. Then in September, we took a weekend vacation to Victoria for a wedding that took my breath away. That city ranks pretty high on my favourite cities list.
One of the best things of this year has been watching this tiny human grow. My auntie heart has overflowed every time I'm able to see him and he gives me his signature charming little grin. It melts me, every. single. time.
So many beach days (and a haircut!). While I experienced a lot of homesickness this year, the beach always helped to reverse that. Now the goal is to break our (small) record of beach days and spend as much time as we can there. 
I think I'm most proud of how I've progressed in my work this year. It's felt like such a year of growth and I love looking back to see the progress. I've developed more of my style and this has allowed me to work with some really amazing clients. I still feel like I'm just in the beginning stages of everything, but I finally feel like I've found my feet and am just starting to walk. It's exciting and terrifying all at once, but I just know this year is going to hold some pretty great surprises. I'm looking forward to everything it does have to offer.

Ok, onto some of my goals for 2015. Just a few small things, but I like making lists:

1. Read (at least) 10 books.
2. Write a letter to someone once a month
3. Take part in a craft sale(s)
4. Write a blog post once a week
5. Grow my blog, etsy shop, and instagram
6. Take part in one art show

Now, who's going to hold me to these? Happy New Year, everyone!!