Basin Street Blues

An end of the week story: There's always been a small part of me that has wanted to say, "I'm going out dancing tonight". And not that kind of raunchy, lights, dj, club dancing. No, when I said it, it would come out of my mouth with a hint of a southern accent in the smooth heat of summer during 1945, while putting on the heels to match my free-flowing dress (maybe I'd even add a "mama" to the end of that sentence because of course, I wouldn't be married yet. I'd be going to meet a man). I'd arrive at the rustic outdoor stage, twinkling with tiny lights where a festive jazz band would lead me to dance late into the night with my handsome date. Well yesterday, a tiny part of that came true. I got to say, "I'm going out dancing tonight". We went swing dancing with our friends- something I'd never done before. It wasn't near as romantic as my dreams- we fumbled around a lot and felt a little awkward and silly, but it sure was fun. And I did put on a dress and did get to dance late into the night with my handsome date (though, not too late, because we are practical people...). So here's a little something to take you to the weekend that's been a part of my week. Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five has been pouring out of my speakers for the past few days and has taken me to magical places. I hope it takes you to magical places, too.