Falling From the Autumn Tree

Under the autumn tree
The chair where you would swing
A yard so full of leaves
Hum the song that comforts me...

A small excerpt from Milo Green's song, Autumn Tree that seems to be running through my head as I go through these pictures from my crisp autumn walk the other day. Perfect for the first day of October, it seems. These images were taken on a day where my head would not be cleared of the million thoughts and emotions that were distracting me from my work. I knew that walking to clear my mind would help, but I did not anticipate happening upon the most glorious, sun-bathed gold Beauty. It was filled with light and warmth and calm. I could not help but stop and admire- my mind was immediately put at ease for a few small moments. It beckoned me to sit beneath its lovely branches, so I cleared a space in the crimson leaves to rest and dream once again. 

My days are busy this season. But I feel it's more of blessing than a curse. Summer was filled with doubts in my work life as there was a lull in projects. But with the coming of Autumn,  I've received a steady schedule of work which fills my heart with deep joy.

There are days such as the day of these images where the full schedule feels overwhelming but mostly it is so fulfilling for me. I have struggled with self-worth a whole lot within my work so it only feels like encouragement and affirmation when I'm receiving so many projects and orders. I'm learning to find the beauty in these busy days and try to remember that encouragement when the overwhelming feelings set in. 

Autumn is traditionally thought of the transitional season from life to death. I see the beauty in that- the preparation for hibernation... but there's a part of me that feels like Autumn is also a season of newness. The leaves change their colour to something of brilliance, for many it is the start of a new year, and it is also the start of those feelings of warmth and cosiness. There is something to be celebrated in that. There is a fullness about this season that is both death and life at once. Its richness brings about a sense of wonder, apprehension, excitement, melancholy, and calm all within a single moment. What a contrast this season is and, at the same moment, how perfectly synonymous it is with human life.


in the fields, she stopped and took a deep breath of the flower-scented air. it was dearer to her than her kin, better than a lover, wiser than a book. and for a moment she rediscovered the purpose of her life. she was here on earth to absorb its wild enchantment.

~ boris pasternak

painting doesn't always come easy for me. in fact, this painting took a lot of effort and toil to push past the doubts and dislikes in my mind. but sometimes, in those rare moments, once you reach the top of mountain, all it takes is a little push over the top and something beautiful starts to form, quickly and suddenly. this is what came of my afternoon the other day and i ended up working an hour later than I was supposed to just to reach the finish line. i have to say, i am quite pleased. though, i have yet to decide what to use it for. ideas are gratefully accepted.

Life Lately: Iona Beach

I had meant to post this days ago. But somehow summer gets in the way, or at least, trying to enjoy the last days of it. I'm not looking forward to summer leaving- I feel like I haven't even begun to enjoy it! On the few days that M and I were able to get out together, we made sure to make the most of every moment. Last weekend, we took a small trip to Iona Beach. It felt like a small getaway or escape. This summer has honestly been a test of patience for us. M is a teacher and because of the strike, we have no idea when he'll be going back to work. Also because of that, we've been forced to stay home...no vacations in the budget for us. It becomes taxing emotionally, especially in a city that doesn't take time to slow down. Fortunately, there are many little escapes nearby and Iona Beach is one of those. We spent the evening wandering the shores, collecting driftwood, and staring out into the vast, endless ocean. Somehow, whenever we go to the beach, I'm transported back to the prairies, where I can see for miles and my heart becomes content (even if just for a moment). I long for peaceful days of wandering and I love that I receive that when going to the ocean. Here's to more peaceful days for September! (If this strike ever ends).

Life Lately: Saskatchewan Edition

I had the chance to travel back to the prairies over the past nine days and it was so very needed. I'm a major homebody and often find it very difficult to be away from Saskatchewan for long periods of time. This year has been the longest I've ever been away and it felt like a marathon...but I made it! And I found my time at home to be refreshing, reviving, and all things delightful. I celebrated my youngest sister's high school graduation, caught up with old friends, enjoyed spending time with family and generally just soaking up the land that I feel so connected to. My only complaint was that M couldn't make it this time around so he was very much missed by everyone. I made him feel better by bringing back a long link of farmer sausage! I didn't take too many pictures this trip, but just enough to capture a few of my favourite moments.

From the top // 1. This little face came to visit, too! I can't get enough of him. // 2. My absolute favourite thing to do around town. Her name is Liza and we go on prairie adventures together. // 3. A very delightful evening celebrating Canada's birthday and graduation with my family. The night, of course, ended off with fireworks (and mosquito bites). // 4. My sister and I ride our treasured bikes together. This place holds memories my wedding so we stopped to enjoy it for a few seconds...before getting eaten alive again by those pesky bugs. // 5. This is what life is about. This is where I find joy. // 6. Because this is the last high five I'll ever get to give my beloved old dog. 

The Start of Something New

I'm inspired today by the smells of spring blooms, poems by A.A. Milne, and the sounds of Chopin dancing through the apartment. My Red Velvet tea from David's isn't so bad either. And so begins a work in progress. A ship headed for unknown places where land meets sky and slow waves thunder. Maybe I'm losing myself in the image, longing to travel to vast and wild spaces... sometimes it's easier to lose yourself in a picture than face the urban world surrounding. This is what dreamers do I suppose. And maybe once this painting's done, you'll lose yourself in it, too.