Coffee with a Creative: Alexis Savopoulos

I discovered Alexis of Meadow and Fawn a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with her work. Viewing her online presence is like entering into a fairyland of curiosities and wild imagination. She has created a world where tiny painted owls dance among snow covered trees, sable-coloured deer & fox lie together on top of whimsical moss & mushroom and botanical treasures are preserved within glass lockets. It's hard not to get wrapped up in her imaginations upon gazing on each piece. I feel really privileged to have gotten to know Alexis a little bit through our "coffee" time together. She is a beautiful soul and I hope you enjoy diving into her world as much as I have! 


What's one of your first memories where art played an integral role in your life?

The first time I remember playing with clay was when I was around seven years old. I believe I made a giraffe about the size of my hand and I had such a fun time doing so. The way a small ball of clay could come to life in the shape of anything I imagined was a magical thing to me at the time, and still is. After that, I couldn't wait to get my hands in clay again and looked forward to going to any craft shops where I could create little pots and cups, or DIY clay kits my mom and dad bought me and my sister. After awhile I transitioned into drawing and painting as one of my hobbies as a teenager. A few years ago, I picked up clay again and haven't been able to put it down again, and probably don't think I can for awhile. There's something very soothing and relaxing when molding clay. The process has to be one of my very favorites when it comes to creating art.


Why do you create now?

I create for a sense of peace and excitement that comes with imagining and bringing something to life. I struggle with anxiety, especially during this past year, so when I spend hours painting or sculpting, it brings a focus and clarity to my mind that not too many other things can bring me.  That aside, I also create for a source of income. An artist's life usually doesn't bring in the most money but when you're passionate and love what you do, it makes up for the times when it's difficult to afford luxuries.


What do you consider a successful day's work? 

A successful day's work in my mind is when I mix in working with relaxing breaks, like taking a walk with my dogs, spending time with family and friends or sitting out in nature reading a good book. All too often, I'll find myself working from morning to late in to the night without leaving my studio, and it can be exhausting and create burn outs, with the work coming out not as good as it could be. So, a lesson I've been trying to teach myself is to find more of a balance, to remain creating art as a peaceful time rather than trying to make as much as possible to earn enough funds or to please as many as I can by having enough items in my shop (things tend to sell out quickly, which leaves disappointed customers who weren't able to get what they wanted).

What are some things that you struggle with in the creative life?

I believe the two I mentioned in the previous questions have to be my main struggles currently; that I often struggle to find a balance of working and taking time away from creating, as well as not always receiving enough funds for the amount of time and effort I put into working. I can imagine these are problems many artists struggle with, unfortunately.


Who are some other artists/makers that have inspired you along the way?

My sister Christina, who is also a maker, has always been a strong inspiration throughout the years I've been an artist. She has been full of encouragement and often gives me advice for improvement for when I'm sometimes struggling with a particular concept. If you'd like to take a looksie at her work, you can find her on Instagram @wolphelia and over on her website: Over the time I've spent on Instragram, I've found some truly incredible artists that have continuously inspired me. Just a handful of them are: Lily from @rivuletpaper (I have several walls of her work! She also beautifully created my logo), Kristin from @hearthstonefables, Kerrie from @the_meandering_mudlark, Amy from @thefloralfoxart and Ellen from @liskin_dol to name a few out of many.  

What do you listen to while you work? 

I mostly listen to music radios on Spotify or have movies/tv shows playing in the background. Some of the movies you'll often find me watching on replay are the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, or shows like Friends, Downton Abbey or The Office. 

What are you enjoying in your down-time currently?

I'm currently reading the Outlander series, which I've been thoroughly enjoying. Skiing has been a wonderful sport I just recently began a few weeks ago. It's quite a trip up to the mountains from where I live (Southern California) to get to the snow and ski/snowboarding resorts, but I'll take every opportunity to go up this winter and spring as the pine covered mountains and fresh, cool air is the sweetest escape to hike and ski to.


Where can I find your work online?

You can find my work for sale and viewable on my portfolio over on my website: I can also be found daily on Instagram @meadowandfawn. Say hello! I'd love to hear from you!