my week in objects

Oops. It's been a while for a my week post. As you may have noticed, I tend to be somewhat inconsistent- I'm working on it. This week had its major ups and downs, but some of the ups have been a breakthrough in sunshine and warm weather. It was glorious yesterday and I'm sure will be even more glorious today. Speaking of glorious, my first object happens to be something a little more ephemeral.


1. This morning light

(for being so incredibly breathtaking and beautiful.)


2. These pretty pink peonies

(for actually being from last week, but their dried presence is just as lovely.)


3.  This sketchbook

(for slowly filling itself with the imaginations in my head.)


4. These simple weavings

(for fulfilling my pioneering daydreams.)


5. These little leaves

(for giving me the inspiration I needed for a new project...more to come!)

things to take you to the weekend: