Etsy Update: The Language of Flowers

goldenrod and lilac

In case you missed it on my Instagram, I just added a few 5x7 and 8x10 prints to the shop! These are two of them but so far there are a total of 4 different flowers. The series I've been working on is based on the Victorian tradition that every flower has a meaning. In that era, flowers were often chosen very carefully when given to others. I think there's something so very beautiful about that idea- it becomes more than a thoughtful gift of flowers and turns into something extremely specific and meaningful! I'll hopefully be making more as time goes on but to start I've focused on these four:

Lilac- meaning "joy of youth"
Goldenrod- meaning "encouragement"
Lavender- meaning "devotion"
Morning Glory- meaning "affection"

Send them to someone special or keep them as a reminder to yourself, but I hope that these bring some sort of heartfelt message to those that receive them. I'm also developing some other flower themed products from these same paintings which will be added to the shop in the coming weeks. 

Now onto more designing for me before a busy weekend of 1 year old birthday and wedding celebrations! What does your weekend entail? 

p.s. did you notice the slight change in my site logo? I'd love feedback on it!