Memories of Berlin

Oh Berlin. My experience of Berlin was...well, to be honest I'm not sure how to describe it. I think that's because there is just SO MUCH going on in that city. It's gritty, cool and exploding with artistic expression. While I am an artist, I'm still not sure it was the type of expression I fully connected with, but so very interesting, nonetheless. We came up to Berlin after our experience in Munich and went to visit with our friends, Joe and Joelle, who we know from their days living in Vancouver. Joelle is an illustrator, so I was fortunate enough to be able to see the city from an artist's perspective. They were the perfect hosts and we were so thankful to have them show us around and give input into the history and culture of the city. 

The thing I'll remember most? Street art/graffiti EVERYWHERE. Oh and currywurst, lots and lots of currywurst

From the top: // 1. typical shop in East Berlin- super design-y and covered in graffiti // 2. germany vibes // 3, 4 +5.. SO much to look at. M looks like a tourist with his Uniqlo bags // 4. prost! Toasting to Berlin at one of many of M's stops to third wave coffee shops...this one's at The Barn // 5. soccer supporters marching the streets and chanting // 6 + 7. classic tourist destination- the Brandenburg Gate. I can't take a normal picture // 8. devouring currywurst // 9. just another bit of berlin // 10. you can't tell, but Berlin was FRIGID and we were shivering in this photo // 11. Neueheimat- one of the coolest food fests/markets/cultural hubs I've ever been to! // 12. getting our Berliner Schnauze on //13-15. more of neueheimat. I think this was my favourite place in the city! // 16. need to send a letter? Pick a box. // 17. east side gallery (berlin wall) // 18. Oberbaum bridge, a symbol of the city's unity.